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Unangax Designer and Artist based out of Seattle, Mary Kelsay specializes in custom garments, alterations, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces and RTW for Women.

MEKA’s latest collection is ALAGUX, which is OCEAN in her Native Language of Unangan Tunuu. Honoring the food that feeds us from the ocean, and the sustenance that keeps us protected and alive. 

For more information on custom garment making, alterations, or to purchase a garment, email meka.clothing@gmail.com or click the link below.


4 thoughts on “About MEKA 

  1. Hello i have 3 sister’s and im looking for aleut items for wear or designed material if ya could let me know what available I’d like to see what is an option

    1. Hi John, I turned on reply’s!! I have my keep dancing mask up for presale right now and will have a print design mask out next week. Let me kind of you have any questions! ~Mary

  2. Hello, I have a design that I like to out on mask to sell, if you have an email addy then I could email it to you; see what the cost is for 100 or more.

    1. Hi Dolores, I don’t do any screen printing nor do I have a direct to garment printer. If you would like for me to make you masks, the cost per mask is $10 per mask which includes a moldable nose wire and adjustable elastic ear straps. Most of my mask materials are 100% cotton. I use Custom Ink for all my screen printing needs.

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