Author: mekaclothing

Seattle Area, Alaska Native designer specializing in women's ready to wear and alterations.

MMIWG Campaign

THIS YEARS TEE AND HOODIE DESIGN IS DEDICATED TO OUR STOLEN SISTERS. HERE IS MY STORY: When I was 8 years old, my friend from school disappeared. For days we were in shock and worried about what happened to her. Then again at 8, I didn’t quite understand what and why this had happened. The story was that she was on her way to school (on foot) when she went missing. They found her lunchContinue reading

MEKA for Miss Alaska 2017

I met Alyssa London (Miss Alaska 2017) in December 2017 in the Seattle area during a cohort program supporting Indigenous Artists. Sometime in February she announced that she would be hosting an event in Las Vegas. I reached out to her about dressing her for the event and after talking it over, she loved my idea for a design and well the rest, all fell into place. I wanted to create a gown that wasContinue reading

MEKA at Tacoma Art Museum’s NW Native Celebration 2016

I had the fortunate opportunity to showcase again at the Tacoma Art Museum’s NW Native Celebration. This year only 4 Indigenous designer were chosen, so this was a huge honor to be a part of. It was an amazing day filled with art, music, singing and fashion!